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Imagery that helps
stand out.

There are times in all our lives, when we want a really good photograph of ourselves. It may be to present yourself to a potential employer as part of a resume, a profile on LinkedIn, to accompany a profile on a company web page, to go with a published article or as part of a marketing campaign.
That’s am.

Or perhaps you want something more casual, to present yourself in a more relaxed setting. An image for social media, an online dating profile picture, to reflect a change in image, to promote sporting achievement, build a portfolio or just capture you in a moment of your life you want to remember.
That’s pm.


Photoshoots are generally outdoors, to give a relaxed and contemporary feel. You want to look your best, but most importantly, you want to look like you. So no over the top make-up productions, no altering of images until you are unrecognisable, no filters or telephoto lenses, just high quality photography, capturing you looking your best.





Profile photos to help you stand out on your resume, LinkedIn profile, company website, published articles or marketing campaign.




Relaxed and casual photos to help you stand out on social media or an online dating profile, to reflect a change in image, to promote sporting achievement, build a portfolio or just capture you in a moment of your life you want to remember.


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AM Photo shoot with your choice of 10 images supplied.

1hr | $195

AM Photo Shoot
- 10 Images -

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PM photo shoot with your choice of 10 images supplied.

1 hr | $195

PM Photo Shoot
- 10 Images -


AM|PM photo shoot with your choice of 10 AM & 10 PM images supplied.

2 hrs | $375

AM|PM Photo Shoot
- 20 Images -

All prices are in NZD and include GST



Where will the photoshoot take place?

The aim is the photo shoots are relaxed and natural and have a contemporary feel. To achieve this, they are undertaken outdoors. You can suggest the location, or leave it for me to choose. While the focus is on capturing you, having interesting or colourful backdrops will enhance the images.

How long will the shoot be?

For either an AM or PM shoot, allow 1 hour 10 mins. One hour for the shoot and 10 mins to discuss what you want to achieve from the shoot. For both an AM I PM shoot, allow 2 hours 10 mins.

What should I wear?

I’ll call you a week prior to the shoot to introduce myself and get an understanding what you are looking for from the photo shoot. We can discuss what you may want to wear then. In general, for an hour shoot, you’ll want two different looks. As the shoots are outdoors, it can at times be tricky to find somewhere to change. So bringing clothing that is easy to change into or layering is ideal. It’s amazing how changing or removing a jacket or coat, adding a tie or scarf or some jewelry, and even changing your hairstyle, can easily create different looks.

I'm a bit nervous about being photographed outdoors, what if people stare?

Perfectly understandable, but I promise after 5 mins, just like the famous models, you won’t be conscious of the people around you; just me and the camera!

When do I pay for the photoshoot?

Full payment is required 3 days prior to the shoot.

Can I change the date of the shoot?

You can change the date of the shoot, with 24 hours’ notice. We will re-schedule at a time that is convenient for both parties. Less than 24 hours’ notice and payment is non-refundable.

What if it rains?

We can re-schedule until another time, or if that isn’t feasible, find an indoor location for the shoot.

How do I get my images?

Following the shoot, I will send you a link to a selection of the best images. From those you select the 10 that you like best, and I will ensure any corrections are made and sized according to your requirements. Those are then your images to use in any way you wish.



Hi, I'm Chris. Based in Auckland, New Zealand I have always been passionate about photography. Ever since I was given my first camera (a Kodak 126 Instamatic) when I was 8 years old.


I've always enjoyed portraiture above all other types of photography. I love that portraiture captures each of us at a moment in time, and that moment can never be captured again in quite the same way. 


I studied photography at UNITEC, graduating with a Diploma in Contemporary Photography and I won the Inaugural Toyota Everyday Competition (click here to see the winning image).

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Tel: 022 523 3137